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Hopeless v0.5

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Recently I released version 0.5 of my fork of pre-existed Hope interpreter (classical functional programming language) named “Hopeless”:

  • added ‘\r’ to function “isspace” in ctype.hop
  • fixed function “dir” in system_win.hop
  • path to libraries changed to /usr/local/share/hopeless
  • created man file hopeless.1 (modified hope.1)
  • fixed “make install” for Hopeless
  • new library lib/db_sqlite.hop (database support with sqlite3)
  • added functions “del” and “write_to” to lib/system.hop
  • check for ‘\n’ and ‘\r’ before run commands (“!…”)
  • defined constant “stdin” instead of functions “getc” and “gets” (lib/system.hop)
  • modified test _input.hop

Source code: hopeless-v0.5.tar.bz2 (100K)
For more info see www.hopelog.com where you can find all previous versions of Hopeless plus Win32 binaries.