Beige G3 as lab PC

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After some evenings I had increased screen size of my Beige G3 from 800×600 to 1152×864 (65536 colors):

Then I installed 2 cheap ($20 each) PCI-cards in it: first is 2xCOM-ports:

and second is 1xLPT-port:

Basically it is the same card with different assembling.

Now I can use it as a regular Linux PC for example to connect El Cheapo PIC-programmer to Debian’s Piklab:

Kernel recompilation was required to allow using of module ppdev that creates device /dev/parport0

So this machine officially became my hobby lab machine ;)

P.S. Unfortunately I was not able to run on this machine any USB PCI-card that I had…

Beige G3 as lab PC, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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